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Client Voices

"10 months after the sudden breakup of a 4 year relationship with a partner I later discovered had narcissistic tendencies. I was still struggling to move on and start dating again, I had a fear of going through all the pain again. 
I had already had 2 RTT sessions but I was still suffering from physical pain in the hips and lower back. Isabel explained how the body can still carry  trauma. Isabel was very empathetic and supportive she had a real understanding of what was going on. The sessions were so relaxing and thorough as Isabel guided me into my body and ask it what was required in order to heal and let go. Isabel has a strong intuition and knowing, you just feel safe with her and I was able to let go completely and remove the blockages causing the pain in my back and hips. After the sessions I felt so much lighter and able to bend with no pain. I was able to sleep through the night pain free for the first time in years.  Isabel continued with her support and check ins throughout to make sure everything was still going well and answer any questions I had. I am truly thankful to Isabel for these sessions and releasing these blockages I had on my healing journey and I now feel open and free to begin my next chapter. I would definitely recommend. Thank You"

Jane, UK

"Working with Isabel and experiencing the positive consequences of her mentoring and the programme were and still are life changing to me. For example I feel calmer and in control of my thoughts and feelings her work and suggestions guided and showed me how to set boundaries in my life. This is truly the most freeing and empowering feeling. Today I feel comfortable expressing my needs. For sure her mentorship was the best investment in self development I have ever made so far. I can just highly recommend Isabel and the wonderful work she does."

Suzi - Switzerland

"I had a fantastic eighteen months since our last session and have moved forward in many ways. The work we did together and the help you gave me has been something of a life-changer."

Wills - UK

"If you have not healed past pain, and believe that it might be COMPROMISING your current and future potential and happiness, I would seriously consider seeking professional help.

I felt enormously better the next day, and 3 days later following our session, I was back to smiling again!"

Loree,  US - Body Processes

"Thank you for taking the time to walk me through your relaxation practice. I did sleep very well (actually, two nights in a row already!), had an incredible day yesterday and got to think a bit about the things we have discussed. I look forward to seeing you again."

Clarence,  Switzerland

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