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In a Relationship

The tailored programme, free your patterns and open to love


For men and women that are currently in a relationship.

Are you in an existing relationship and you find it difficult to get past a previous relationship; the legacy is causing problems with your current partner.

  • You’re experiencing envy /  jealousy / possessiveness in your existing relationship.

  • The ex had narcissistic tendencies.

  • Your shopping/spending habits are causing problems.

  • You find it difficult to communicate your needs.

  • You’ve experienced infidelity or betrayal and find it hard to trust again.

  • You tend to put your needs aside.

  • You're paying for escort services.

  • You feel you have lost your sense of self.

  • You're anxious or need reassurance or validation.

  • You need almost constant reassurance of your partners love.

  • You have a fear of intimacy or vulnerability.

  • You find it difficult to give your partner space, or take your own space.

If you resonate with any of the statements above, contact me. I offer a free 60 minute consultation. I'm happy to answer your questions, understand your situation and share what type of results you can expect from the programme.

If you believe that you are currently in an abusive and toxic relationship, this programme will not be suitable for you. I suggest seeking the support of a psychologist or psychotherapist for a regular therapy appointment.

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