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Tailored Mentoring

For Men and Women


For single professional men and women.


Here are some of the examples of what professional single clients are experiencing.

Do you find yourself in any of the following situations?

  • Lacking in confidence, in dating and the work place.

  • You keep attracting "gold diggers", you feel unappreciated and used.

  • You have a work hard, play harder attitude and your lifestyle is making you feel burnout.

  • You're divorced and cannot move on. 

  • You don't trust men or women.

  • Your alcohol or recreational drug consumption is too high.

  • You feel shame and guilt for cheating on your ex.

  • You find it difficult to trust, an emotionally abusive relationship has left you with a fear of being vulnerable and the fear of going through that pain again.

  • You're a victim of narcissistic abuse.

  • You're only interested in casual sex.

  • You pay for sex or escort services on a regular basis.

  • You’re struggling to find love, and you’ve had a series of dating disasters.

  • You're spending too much money on dates that don't go anywhere.

  • There doesn’t seem to be anyone out there for you, so you’ve given up looking.

  • Every time you get close to a new partner, you withdraw and end the relationship.

  • You can’t get over your ex and put them on a perfection pedestal.

  • You keep finding yourself in undesirable relationships. 

  • Every partner/date is emotionally unavailable, and you don’t understand why they won’t commit.

  • Using work and career as the reason for being single.

  • You’ve been hurt and now you walk around with a shield in front of you.

  • The fear of rejection is limiting you.


If you see yourself in one or more of these situations, contact me.

In the free 60-minute consultation, I'm happy to answer your questions, understand your situation and share what results you can expect to get from working with me.

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