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Conscious Love Programme

Tailored programme, free your patterns and open to love

Open your heart to conscious love.


The type of results clients are getting from working with me:

Realise your self worth and increase your self esteem, create a more solid inner foundation. Some of the keys to who you are attracted to and the type of relationship you choose to be in. 


Clarity on the type of partner and relationship you REALLY want.

Identify and transform your blindspots.

Increase your overall confidence and ability to express yourself.

Discover and overcome self sabotaging beliefs and destructive behavioural  patterns that:

  • Prevent you from having a relationship.

  • Cause problems in your existing relationship like jealousy and mistrust.

Deeper understanding of your needs and core values to ensure you are fully aligned with your true self.  

Identify the "gold diggers".

Get over your ex and feel free to move forward.

Prevent toxic relationships from entering into your life.

Stop junk food sex patterns.

Better discernment, self trust and increased intuition.




A unique and effective approach to overcoming your love blocks. 

You are unique and your situation requires a supportive, unique and tailored approach.  


There are three phases to the Conscious Love Programme. All sessions are private 1:1 with me. There is no online course content to complete.  

The tailored programme can be done in weekly intervals to suit your pace and your schedule. Each session will last 60 - 120 mins.  The tools, techniques and modalities used in each session stem from 12 years of extensive international training, research and client experience. We will decide on a length of plan that suits you and your preferences, there is a lot of flexibility with this approach.

Phase 1. Evaluation

  • Relationship history

  • Patterns and beliefs

  • Values

Phase 2. Mind & Body

  • Release and rewire unconscious patterns and beliefs from the mind and the body using award winning and cutting-edge modalities and techniques.

Phase 3. Integration

  • Tools and techniques

  • Communication

  • Boundaries

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