Are your past relationships and unhealed love wounds preventing you from finding love, or do you keep attracting the wrong type of partner?

The highly personalised and tailored programme for men and women who are ready to attract their ideal partner and relationship.  


"I am happier, healthier and have more confidence in myself. It was the best investment in self development I have ever made."

Marie  - Switzerland


Your past relationships, unhealed love wounds, self-worth and self-esteem largely determine the type of person and relationship that you are attracted to.

Are you single?

 If you’ve been single for a period of time or you’ve come out of a difficult break up, divorce, or experienced emotionally challenging relationships, there is perhaps no coincidence that you’re struggling to find your ideal partner.

Are you a high income professional single?

You're very successful and part of your success are the monetary rewards. Somehow you always end up with a partner that is more interested in your credit card than quality time with you. You feel used and unappreciated.

Unhealed wounds can often lead to destructive repeating patterns of behaviour, attracting a similar type of person or relationship and preventing healthy relationships from forming.


Unless the root cause of these patterns are addressed, they are likely to continue.

You will continue to repeat the same patterns, until you do the inner work.


Mind-Body Therapist


My name is Isabel.

Through overcoming my own challenges and many client experiences, I learnt deep, long-lasting changes are only made through mind-body healing.

From many years single with self sabotaging beliefs and patterns to a wonderful partner and a healthy, loving, kind and supportive relationship.


It is my mission to help you live your best relationships yet, with yourself and with others. I believe in addressing and transforming the root cause of your current problems, not the symptoms. 


We ALL deserve to experience healthy love.

"All meaningful and lasting change starts first on the inside and works its way out into the world"  Lou Tice


Are you longing for a loving and supportive relationship?

Are you ready to heal your past hurt?

Through the Conscious Love programme you will overcome limiting beliefs and behaviours that sabotage your ability to have a healthy relationship.


If you're single you will attract a different type of person, and if you're  in a relationship it can be transformed when you change; your inner world, discover your blind spots, heal your wounds, rewire patterns and behaviours on a mind and body level.

When you connect more deeply with yourself, understand and accept your self-worth, get clear on your values and know how to set healthy boundaries, only then do you radiate differently from the inside, outside.

You are now more open to a healthy, loving relationship.

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